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Search the USAPat or USAMark indexes. Both were sets of dvds produced by the uspto. USAPat is 1,103 dvds, USAMark is 247 dvds. The search results here show which dvd/dvds the patent or trademark is/are on. The Cassis indexes only contain one entry per patent or trademark though they can appear on multiple dvds. Trademark 2395590 is on 9 dvds but the Cassis index won't tell you where the other 8 copies are. Judging by the file sizes they aren't all the same!

There was proprietary software that came with the Cassis dvds but apparently it ran in a 32 bit operating system like Windows 95. The discs themselves can be put in a more modern Windows laptop or desktop and the tiff files can be accessed by navigating to the directory paths shown here. There were USAPat and USAMark cds released prior to 2000 whose images are in a proprietary yellow book format. These can be converted to tiffs by uploading them to this site.

Patent Number: min 1; max 7,861,316 examples: 5,146,634 D339,456 pp8,901 RE35,312 T109,201 H001,523 RX29,194 AI2
    Don't enter fractions. Ex: Results for X8736 show the x patent and the fractional X8736's
    Match is case insensitive and number can be entered with or without commas.

    -- or --

Trademark Registration Number: min 1; max 3,753,476 with gaps. (3,676,093 entries)

Several Patent Resource Centers have these dvd sets as listed here.

USAPat Contents
Patent typePrefixCountminmax
Utility 8,318,58618,347,411
Additional ImprovementAI2902318
Statutory Invention RegistrationH2,24612,273
Reissued designRD6330125,414
Pre-1836 ReissueRX1251125
Defensive PublicationT1,967100,001999,003
total: 9,065,598

The links in the prefix column show the corresponding patent numbers and disc locations. There is more information on the patent tiffs here.

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