Patents for a Particular City

Say someone asks for help getting a list of utility patents from Los Angeles, what would you do? You can’t use the USPTO’s peds api, it does not offer a search by location. You could use the USPTO’s ppubs, a search for “Los Angeles”.INCI. and CA.INST. would do the trick (.INCI. matches the inventor’s city … Continue reading “Patents for a Particular City”

Patentsview Api Changes

Big changes are coming to the Patentsview api, as announced here: Probably the biggest is that an api key will be required. That will change everything, the R package, the python wrapper, my swagger ui page, my sample pages and my android app.

Opensource IP Projects

There are many IP related opensource projects, some of which I created or contributed to: patentsview-api patentsview database patentsview government interests patentsview mobile app patentsview python wrapper patentsview R package patentsivew swagger patent public data TSDR Swagger

Bulk Data Problems

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) made some, but not all, of its data available to anyone who wanted to download it. The first thing to be aware of is that some of the patents in the bulk grant xml files were subsequently withdrawn. The last time I checked there were around 8,000 … Continue reading “Bulk Data Problems”

When apis fail you

Sometimes there isn’t a way other than screen scraping to get the data you want, which is unfortunate. Screen scraping is like an arms race, if the uspto changes its web site, I have to change my script. I’d like to programmatically retrieve classification fields for the plant patents issued each Tuesday. I can’t use … Continue reading “When apis fail you”

The Python Wrapper

This has nothing to do with a snake in a hoodie, laying down rhythmic rhymes, that would be Python The Rapper 🙂 The same people who wrote the Patentsview api also wrote a python wrapper that produces a csv file for you. All you need to do is download the code and dependencies (instructions provided in the … Continue reading “The Python Wrapper”

TSDR and the api key

The T in USPTO (Unites States Patent and Trademark Office), you should have just learned, stands for Trademark. Their TSDR (Trademark Status & Document Retrieval) api deals with trademarks. If you’ve used it recently, you probably noticed that they now require an api key, which you can get by registering with them. Their Swagger-UI page … Continue reading “TSDR and the api key”