Slinky IP

The “Toy and Process of Use”, better known as a Slinky, has both a patent and trademark! Like I needed more reasons to love them, though I do remember a childhood incident when my slinky collided with my brother’s. Neither walked down stairs, alone or in pairs after that.

Trademark fun – Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots

Not to condone violence, but there’s what I came across at a flea market today. I’m guessing the seller did not know of the patent or associated trademark but I did. Patent 3,235,259 issued February 15, 1966 Trademark 800,265 registered December 14, 1965

Trademark fun – Snake Oil

Here’s an example of some fun I had using my own site. I’m watching Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel as they talked about Clark Stanley’s snake oil and showed this picture.