cpc classification details H01L23/04

Description: (23/00) Details of semiconductor or other solid state devices H01L25/00 takes precedence ; structural arrangements for testing or measuring during manufacture or treatment, or for reliability measurements H01L22/00; arrangements for connecting or disconnecting semiconductor or solid-state bodies, or methods related thereto H01L24/00; finger print sensors G06K9/00006 (23/02) Containers (23/04) characterised by the shape of the container or parts, e.g. caps, walls

Indent level: 2

classification definition: H01L 23/04

Hierarchy/Derived classifications

H01L23/00-> 23/02-> 23/04-> 23/041
   -> 23/043-> 23/045
    -> 23/047
    -> 23/049
    -> 23/051
   -> 23/053-> 23/055
    -> 23/057

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