CPC Trouble

So far I've come across 82 patents that don't have a cpc listed on uspto.gov. A text file of the patent numbers is here. I found a web page with a great skull graphic on it that says design and plant patents will not be getting cpc assignments. (Empirically though I have seen plant patents with cpcs).

Patents without CPCs
1,540,886Hydraulic pressure controlling device
AI300no printed specification available oct 2 1860
AI259Dec. 13, 1859 E. Parker Clothes-pin machine clothespin machines
RE14,777craft cheese chicago sterilizing cheese
RE14,532indicating device for moving picture films
RE14,470die stock
RE14,210cutting machine
RE13,326childs vehicle (horse with wheels)
RE12,269tool holder hunter 9 20 1904
RE12,170storm apron (poncho)
RE12,167bread mixer and kneader
RE12,093side bearing last of patent day
RE12,087machine for excavating .. ballast
RE12,012lasting machine assigned to a shoe machinery company
RE11,978moving machine attachment
RE11,977amusement device
RE11,661r bennett saw tool reissued apr 26 1898
RE11,655car ventilator
RE11,487mechanical movement
RE11,450calculating rule
RE11,359collapsible tap doolittle 8 15 1893
RE11,033dado cutter
RE10,991ship's compass
RE10,892drilling machine
RE10,854pulley pattern molding press

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