Great Britain Design Classifications

01-0101-01 Bakers' products, biscuits, pastry, macaroni and other cereal products, chocolates, confectionery, ices
01-0201-02 Fruit and vegetables
01-0301-03 Cheeses, butter and butter substitutes, other dairy produce
01-0401-04 Butchers' meat (including pork products), fish
01-0601-06 Animal foodstuffs
02Articles of clothing and haberdashery
02-0102-01 Undergarments, lingerie, corsets, brassieres, nightwear
02-0202-02 Garments
02-0302-03 Headwear
02-0402-04 Footwear, socks and stockings
02-0502-05 Neckties, scarves, neckerchiefs and handkerchiefs
02-0602-06 Gloves
02-0702-07 Haberdashery and clothing accessories
02-9902-99 Miscellaneous
03Travel goods, cases, parasols and personal belongings, not elsewhere specified
03-0103-01 Trunks, suitcases, briefcases, handbags, keyholders, cases specially designed for their contents, wallets and similar articles
03-0303-03 Umbrellas, parasols, sunshades and walking sticks
03-0403-04 Fans 03-04 [01] Personal fans
03-9903-99 Miscellaneous
04-0104-01 Brushes and brooms for cleaning
04-0204-02 Toilet brushes, clothes brushes and shoe brushes
04-0304-03 Brushes for machines
04-0404-04 Paintbrushes, brushes for use in cooking
04-9904-99 Miscellaneous
05Textile piecegoods, artificial and natural sheet material
05-0105-01 Spun articles
05-0205-02 Lace
05-0305-03 Embroidery
05-0405-04 Ribbons, braids and other decorative trimmings (including detachable trimmings for clothing)
05-0505-05 Textile fabrics
05-0605-06 Artificial or natural sheet material
05-9905-99 Miscellaneous
06-0106-01 Beds and seats
06-0306-03 Tables and similar furniture
06-0406-04 Storage furniture
06-0506-05 Composite furniture
06-0606-06 Other furniture and furniture parts
06-0706-07 Mirrors and frames
06-0806-08 Clothes hangers
06-0906-09 Mattresses and cushions
06-1006-10 Curtains and indoor blinds
06-1106-11 Carpets, rugs and mats Carpets
06-1206-12 Tapestries
06-1306-13 Blankets and other covering materials, household linen and napery
06-9906-99 Miscellaneous
07Household goods, not elsewhere specified
07-0107-01 China, glassware, dishes and other articles of a similar nature
07-0207-02 Cooking appliances, utensils and containers
07-0307-03 Table knives, forks and spoons
07-0407-04 Appliances and utensils, hand-manipulated, for preparing food or drink
07-0507-05 Flatirons and washing, cleaning and drying equipment
07-0607-06 Other table utensils
07-0707-07 Other household receptacles
07-0807-08 Fireplace implements
07-9907-99 Miscellaneous
08Tools and hardware
08-0108-01 Tools and implements for drilling, milling or digging
08-0208-02 Hammers and other similar tools and implements
08-0308-03 Cutting tools and implements
08-0408-04 Screwdrivers and other similar tools and implements
08-0608-06 Handles, knobs & hinges
08-0708-07 Locking or closing devices
08-0808-08 Fastening, supporting or mounting devices not included in other classes
08-0908-09 Metal fittings and mounting for doors, windows and furniture and similar articles
08-1008-10 Bicycle racks
08-9908-99 Miscellaneous
09Packages and containers for the transport or handling of goods
09-0109-01 Bottles, flasks, pots, carboys, demijohns and containers with dynamic dispensing means
09-0209-02 Storage cans, drums and casks
09-0309-03 Boxes, cases, containers, (preserve) tins or cans
09-0409-04 Hampers, crates and baskets
09-0509-05 Bags, sachets, tubes and capsules
09-0609-06 Ropes and hooping materials
09-0709-07 Closing means and attachments
09-0809-08 Pallets and platforms for forklifts
09-0909-09 Refuse and trash containers and stands therefor
09-9909-99 Miscellaneous
10Clocks and watches and other measuring instruments, checking and signalling instruments
10-0110-01 Clocks and alarm clocks
10-0210-02 Watches and wrist watches - See 10-07 for cases
10-0310-03 Other time-measuring instruments
10-0410-04 Measuring instruments, apparatus and devices
10-0510-05 Instruments, apparatus and devices for checking, security or testing
10-0610-06 Signalling apparatus and devices
10-0710-07 Casings, dials, hands and all other parts and accessories of instruments for measuring, checking and signalling
10-9910-99 Miscellaneous
11Articles of adornment
11-0111-01 Jewellery
11-0211-02 Trinkets, table, mantel and wall ornaments, flower vases and pots
11-0311-03 Medals and badges
11-0411-04 Artificial flowers, fruit and plants
11-0511-05 Flags, festive decorations
11-9911-99 Miscellaneous
12Means of transport or hoisting
12-0112-01 Vehicles drawn by animals
12-0212-02 Handcarts, wheel barrows
12-0312-03 Locomotives and rolling stock for railways and all other rail vehicles
12-0412-04 Telpher carriers, chair lifts and ski lifts
12-0512-05 Elevators and hoists for loading or conveying
12-0612-06 Ships and boats
12-0712-07 Aircraft and space vehicles
12-0812-08 Motor cars, buses and lorries
12-0912-09 Tractors
12-1012-10 Road vehicle trailers
12-1112-11 Cycles and motor cycles
12-1212-12 Perambulators, invalid chairs, stretchers
12-1312-13 Special purpose vehicles
12-1412-14 Other vehicles
12-1512-15 Tyres and anti-skid chains for vehicles
12-1612-16 Parts, equipment and accessories for vehicles, not included in other classes or subclasses
12-9912-99 Miscellaneous
13Equipment for production, distribution or. transformation of electricity
13-0113-01 Generators and motors
13-0213-02 Power transformers, rectifiers, batteries and accumulators
13-0313-03 Equipment for distribution or control of electric power
13-9913-99 Miscellaneous
14Recording, communication or information retrieval equipment
14-0114-01 Equipment for the recording or reproduction of sound or pictures
14-0214-02 Data processing equipment as well as peripheral apparatus and devices
14-0314-03 Communications equipment, wireless remote controls and radio amplifiers
14-9914-99 Miscellaneous
15Machines, not elsewhere specified
15-0115-01 Engines
15-0215-02 Pumps and compressors
15-0315-03 Agricultural machinery
15-0415-04 Construction machinery
15-0515-05 Washing, Cleaning and Drying Machines
15-0615-06 Textile, sewing, knitting and embroidering machines including their integral parts
15-0715-07 Refrigeration machinery and apparatus
15-0915-09 Machine tools, abrading and founding machinery
15-9915-99 Miscellaneous
16Photographic, cinematographic and optical apparatus
16-0116-01 Photographic cameras and film cameras
16-0216-02 Projectors and viewers
16-0316-03 Photocopying apparatus and enlargers
16-0416-04 Developing apparatus and equipment
16-0516-05 Accessories
16-0616-06 Optical articles
16-9916-99 Miscellaneous
17Musical instruments
17-0117-01 Keyboard instruments
17-0217-02 Wind instruments
17-0317-03 Stringed instruments
17-0417-04 Percussion instruments
17-0517-05 Mechanical instruments
17-9917-99 Miscellaneous
18Printing and office machinery
18-0118-01 Typewriters and calculating machines
18-0218-02 Printing machines
18-0318-03 Type and type faces
18-0418-04 Bookbinding machines, printers' stapling machines, guillotines and trimmers (for bookbinding)
18-9918-99 Miscellaneous
19Stationery and office equipment, artists' and teaching materials
19-0119-01 Writing paper, cards for correspondence and announcements
19-0219-02 Office equipment
19-0319-03 Calendars
19-0419-04 Books and other objects of similar outward appearance
19-0519-05 Vacant
19-0619-06 Materials and instruments for writing by hand, for drawing, for painting, for sculpture, for engraving and for other artistic techniques
19-0719-07 Teaching materials
19-0819-08 Other printed matter
19-9919-99 Miscellaneous
20Sales and advertising equipment, signs
20-0120-01 Automatic vending machines
20-0220-02 Display and sales equipment
20-0320-03 Signs, signboards and advertising devices
20-9920-99 Miscellaneous
21Games, toys, tents and sports goods
21-0121-01 Games and toys
21-0221-02 Gymnastics and sports apparatus and equipment
21-0321-03 Other amusement and entertainment articles
21-0421-04 Tents and accessories thereof
21-9921-99 Miscellaneous
22Arms, pyrotechnic articles, articles for hunting, fishing and pest killing
22-0122-01 Projectile weapons
22-0222-02 Other weapons
22-0322-03 Ammunition, rockets and pyrotechnic articles
22-0422-04 Targets and accessories
22-0522-05 Hunting and fishing equipment
22-0622-06 Traps, articles for pest killing
22-9922-99 Miscellaneous
23Fluid distribution equipment, sanitary, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, solid fuel
23-0123-01 Fluid distribution equipment
23-0223-02 Sanitary appliances
23-0323-03 Heating equipment (excluding hand tools (see 08-05-09)
23-0423-04 Ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
23-0523-05 Solid fuel
23-9923-99 Miscellaneous
24Medical and laboratory equipment
24-0124-01 Apparatus and equipment for doctors, hospitals and laboratories
24-0224-02 Medical instruments, instruments and tools for laboratory use
24-0324-03 Prosthetic articles
24-0424-04 Materials for dressing wounds, nursing and medical care
24-9924-99 Miscellaneous
25Building units and construction elements
25-0125-01 Building materials
25-0225-02 Prefabricated or pre-assembled building parts
25-0325-03 Houses, garages and other buildings
25-0425-04 Steps, ladders and scaffolds
25-9925-99 Miscellaneous
26Lighting apparatus
26-0126-01 Candlesticks and, candelabra
26-0226-02 Torches and hand lamps and lanterns
26-0326-03 Public lighting fixtures
26-0426-04 Luminous sources, electrical or not
26-0526-05 Lamps, standard lamps, chandeliers, wall and ceiling fixtures, lampshades, reflectors, photographic and cinematographic lamps
26-0626-06 Luminous devices for vehicles
26-9926-99 Miscellaneous
27Tobacco and smokers' supplies
27-0127-01 Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes
27-0227-02 Pipes, cigar and cigarette holders
27-0327-03 Ashtrays
27-0427-04 Matches
27-0527-05 Lighters
27-0627-06 Cigar cases, cigarette cases, tobacco jars and pouches
27-9927-99 Miscellaneous
28Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, toilet articles and apparatus
28-0128-01 Pharmaceutical products
28-0228-02 Cosmetic products
28-0328-03 Toilet articles and beauty parlour equipment
28-0428-04 Wigs, false hairpieces
28-9928-99 Miscellaneous
29Devices and equipment against fire hazards, for accident prevention and for rescue
29-0129-01 Devices and equipment against fire hazards
29-0229-02 Devices and equipment for accident prevention and for rescue not elsewhere specified
29-9929-99 Miscellaneous
30Articles for the care and handling of animals
30-0130-01 Animal clothing
30-0230-02 Pens, cages, kennels and similar shelters
30-0330-03 Feeders and waterers
30-0430-04 Saddlery
30-0530-05 Whips and prods
30-0630-06 Beds and nests
30-0730-07 Perches and other cage attachments
30-0830-08 Markers, marks and shackles
30-0930-09 Hitching posts
30-9930-99 Miscellaneous
31Machines and appliances for preparing food or drink, not elsewhere specified
31-0031-00 Machines and appliances for preparing food or drink, not elsewhere specified
99-0099-00 Miscellaneous

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