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Trademark registration number: 559693
Serial Number: 71617733
Registration date: 1952-06-03 online gazette
Class 38 Prints and publications
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Registered June 3, 1952 Registration No. 559,693 PRINCIPAL REGISTER Trade-Mark UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Audrey M. Smith, St. Louis, Mo. y Act of 1946 V Application August 15, 1951, Serial No. 617,733 STATEMENT Audrey M. Smith, a citizen of the United States, residing at 4316 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 8, Missouri, and doing busness at 4316 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 8, Missouri, has adopted and is using the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing, for TRADING STAMPS, in Class 38, Prints and publications, and presents herewith ive specimens showing the trade-mark as actually used in connection with such goods, the trade-mark being applied to the goods, and requests that the same be registered in the United States Patent Office on the Principal Register in accordance with the act of July 5, 1946. The trade-mark was first used on August 7, 1951, and iirst fused in commerce among the sev- eral States which may lawfully be regulated by Congress, on August 7, 1951. ' ` AUDREY M. SMITH.

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