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More on Leena Lalwani

To fill this space with something I'll say that if Leena was a facebook page I would press the Like button. Actually I originally thought she was an institution! Her collections at Hathi Trust say they are owned by llalwani which I mistook for an acronym of a member institution of Hathi Trust, not a user id. Admittedly it was not well thought out on my part. One day I found gazettes at Hathi Trust that were not in the collection. Hathi Trust collections are powerful things where one search can be applied to all the volumes in a collection. Having gazettes outside the collection is not a good thing as would having to create my own parallel collection so I could add to it. A little googling turned up a page where it appeared Leena was the institution I was looking for! I fired off an email saying that I hoped she is llalwani or this would be the weirdest email she ever received! She replied that it was her collections that I had been using for years and that she'd be happy to add the gazette volumes I found. It wasn't until we met in person a year or more later that I told her about my initial confusion.