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RE310000-00-00RE000031.pdfUNITED STATES 3EST AVAILABLE COPY PATENT OEEICE. ELIAS HO\\'E, OF C‘.\)Il3RlDGEPORT, )[.\SS., ASSICINEE OF .l(f)SEPlT IL‘. :\.'.\[l'l‘Il. If‘/IPROVEMENT IN THE APPLICATION OF A MATERIAL CALLED PALM-LEAF OR BRUB GRASS TO THE STUFFING OF BEDS, MATTRESSES. SOFAS. CUSHIONS. AND ALL OTHER U nf? Sr.) FOR WHICH HAIR. FEATHERS. MOSS, OR OTHER SOFT AND ELASTIC SUBSTANCES ARE USED. I\'pt-ciiicairioii t'oiiii'iii_-.§ part of Letters Patciit dutwl .\pi'il 3. 1:11.’); H('l.\.~Ill‘ IIIIIPIL N" 3’ .\l:i1'cli i.-',’i.94i. To all zvhonz, it may C011/C/.’l‘IL.' Be it known that JOSEPH L‘. S.\[[TH,Ot' Cam- br'idgeport, in the county of )[iddlese5: and Coininoiiwealth of Maissziciiiisetts, hath in- vented a new and iisefiil iiiaiiufactiire which is deiioiiiinateil "Ciii-led Palin-Leaf or Brub (‘ri'ass,” which iiiay be used for the Stii?iiig of Beds, 3[attresses. Sofas. Ciisliioiis, and for all other Purposes for which Hair, Featliers, Moss, or other Soft and Elastic Substaiices are Useil, l'oriiiiii_<.; a very cheap substitute, of which the l'ol1mvii1{.,-' is a speci?cation. To eiiable others sliilled in the art to \‘\'l1lC'Il this appertaius to make and use tlieiiiveiitinn, I shall now proceed to describe the inetliod of pi-epariiig or iiiiiiiiifactiiriiig the saline. The tirst operation is to reduce the palm- leaf or briib _:rass to ?laineiits or ?bers si1tfi- (‘lt'.‘llI.'I_V ?ne to be spun, which ?laineiits or tibers [ then spin and form into a rope, which siioiild lie twisted as hard as possible. so as to kink or cause the rope to form in balls or coils. This spiniiing and twistiiig should be done upon inacliiiies siinilar ning and twistiiig lieinp. .~\t'ter the at'oresaid process of twistiiig is coinpleteil. the coils. to tliose used for spiii- ‘ balls. or twisted liaiiks slmiild Iw lII1l.('l‘1I in a steam or any other kind of on-ii. \\'Il\_'l't‘ fIlI.‘\' should be baked to such a II(‘1_"l'(‘P iis to pt‘l‘lll:l:- nently ?x’ the curl or twist in tlll,‘ ilIH‘l1\'nL'III:l.- I ments. \VIiei.i tliisetteet l.\']_)l‘()pL‘l‘I_V' DI'i)illlI’NI. the coils should be iiiit\'vistei_l. \\’llI('Il I>lH‘l':l[IHl1 1 may be effected by a I.‘(_‘\'€l‘.\'e niotiuii of the I same iiiacliitiery by which it is E\\’lSl't_‘!1. .\tter i passiiig through these several pi-cp-.1rat'i\'i- pro- . cesses, the t'ibers0t'paliii-leiifor I)l‘l1I):_"I‘:l>.\' 'ill'(‘ I left: in a light and iliii-ably «-lastic ziuil l‘IIl'I_\' I state, and are suitable for stii?iiigz any of the E vzirioiis articles I1el‘(2lI1:1I)I)\'t? t‘lll1I1lt?l‘2lTNI. I I sliiill Clilllll as the invention- ’.l‘l1epi‘ocessot‘ }_)[‘t3]_)2H.'lI1§_;‘0l‘ diii--.ilil_\‘ <'-iirling § paliii-1eat'-orbriih grass by 1‘0IIllL‘lll_‘_" tliu Ivar’ ' to small ?laments or riliers. z1l1lIIll{\'\\’l.~‘+3 spin- iiiiig. liakiiig or sti-:1iiiiii§.r, and iiiitwistiii-_-; the Ii saine, the whole operation lwiii;_=- siiI»st:iiiti:iIIy K as Ilt‘l't‘II]2l.I)O\'(?1I8St‘l‘lIJO(I. and t'oi~tlie piii-iiusu-.-. 1 above speci?eil. I’,l.l.\S III )\\'I-'.. Witiiesses: R. H. EDDY, , Ezra LI.\'L‘0L.\'. Jr.