Reissued Patent RE56
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RE560000-00-00RE000056.pdf30. CUTLERY, v § 348 / % ŁxAM:N/Ewe ab.‘ ' 9 " \/ 17%”/2;!/./at .%*/f/)7/J?//if/gt 7 45˘ . ./?zz2':m1/az’ ?y/’ /,2, //49°. \..........~....-....;..4.a=._»~4 /7.?iZ/‘Lax: as‘ 32; .. .-(M7,. G7‘€55é?'˘.4—.<../ 6%’ 3/ 61%;, Ira:/er˘Z&/7' . r - THE GRAPHIC C0.PHOT0-LlTH.39&4-1 PARK PLACEJLY‘. v‘ 5r‘ .. ‘j{:A"’ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. CYRUS THURSTON, OF FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS, ADMINISTRATOR OF AUGUSTUS H. SEARLE. - IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANNER OR ART OF MANUFACTURING SCYTHES. Speci?cation forming part of Letters Patent dated December 17, 1834; Reissue No. 56, dated October 12, 1843. To all whom, it may concern: Be it known that AUGUSTUS H. SEARLE, late of Ohelmsford, in the county of Middle- shex and State of Massachusetts, now deceased, In the year 1834, or shortly before that time, invented and brought into use an improve- ment in the form and construction of scythes by raising and giving them asecond back, for which improvement said SEARLE obtained Let- ters Patent dated the 1,7 th day of December, 1834, and while infnll life, which Letters Pat- ent are deemed defective by reason of defects and mistakes found in the speci?cation an- nexed to and -making part of said Letters Pat- ent, and to correct which mistakes and reme- dy said defects this new and amended speci?- cation has been made by me, Ovens THURS- TON, the administrator on said AUGUSTUS H. SEARLE’S estate, upon which, and the surren- der of the aforesaid Letters Patent granted to said SEARLE, new Letters Patent may be ob- tained for the bene?t of all concerned. The invention and improvement for which said Letters Patent were granted, and which- was intended to have been fully and correctly described and claimed, consists in raising a . ridge or second back on the upper surface of the web or plate of the scythe near to and par- allel with the ?rst back, and running from the heel to the commencement of the point of the scythe, with a like ridge on the under side of the scythe, formed by the crease or indenta- -:~ -.,-:~ .4...-;.'»-‘zo- ’ tion on the upper side made by the dies when giving_form tothis improvement. (See the drawings hereto annexed, marked and let- tered.) The mode used by said SEARLE for forming saidsecond back and making said improve- ment consisted in the used of said dies so placed in hammers moved by hand or any other power as to make the proper lines and indentations, so as to raise and form said sec- ond back in the common method known to artists for giving form and shape to any metal to which they are applied. 1 It is not intended to claim as any part of this invention or improvement made by said . SEARLE the method of ‘constructing or making this second back to a scythe; but it was in- tended to claim. and the patentee now claims, the formation of the above second back upon a scythe as his invention and improvement, whereby a scythe is made with less stock and cheaper and much stiffer, and is much less likely to spring and get out of shape, and is much easier kept sharp and ?t for use and in good order. . August '7, 1843. CYRUS THURSTON, Adiiiinistrator of the estate of A ugustus H. Sea?e, deceased. In presence of— NATHL. W001), GEO. S. MESSINGER. - .u.w...w.»..~;---—-..w.......t..»-.:.n-alW:%=.u...‘....l,.. ... r