Reissued Patent RE71
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RE710000-00-00RE000071.pdfW/%/////2///%, *- ?zz///D////2/‘/7/WM/27:: .//—-”7/, * /527/gfiz/id _/1}/yéf /X11’. ‘N mNn.,.u..mNu. mx mmM®. \\§?§é. xmxix?xxxu .%\.\.§,..k_ cwsxxk?. fwe?b?. r&§A$.s . mm?mcmmsbmmm .N\nN.x\% xmxxo. Mmwmmmm?? Sm Vx. kwmrw X ._ ____=, II Hm. %____________. A of revolv . reducing wheel ‘NILLEADI ‘W. ”WQOD‘W=ORTH, OF HYDE OF ESTELLE ll/?V?Fl0‘J£zl3E.ll' Hal all/5.Cl*l5léES FOR Pl.Al*.~'ls’*lG, TONG Speci?cation forming part of Letters Be it '.-znown that the following is a full, clear, and exact descr? 1" Playing’, Tonguing.. Boards izrveaxted by l,r'v"ILI,mr,: Woonwoerrr, deceased and lor whz-ch Letters I’atent of the . ’ 1 . . ‘ United States» were grcnted to man on tl1e2.7th day of Deeennhr ‘, in the year 1828, the said LettersPatentha.v1ngbeen surrendered for the purpose of describing the same invention and _l€)Cl1].iH{sZiD,gd"0l1l3iRCJl rihet zttchonszsts 11:3 more clés-telr, .u , an , exact ernas on was one In A e original speci?cation. » . - ’i‘l1e~p_lonl: or boards which are to be plened, tongued, and grooved are fzrst tobe reduced "to at width by means of-‘cxrcnlzz-r'szLs':s, dncrngwheels, or by any other ‘means. W hen circular sevvs are used for this uroose two : ’ I be placed upon the some I ;'}.”o all zzjfzom if; ma:o_z/ concczze: I 1 ption of the method 0 and G-rooving Plank or such sews should shaft, on which they are to be capable of ad- justment, so that they may be made to stand at any required distance apart._ the board or plank is tobe forced brotight to the width required. ratns and process do not 1-eqmr explained, they bemg w mechanicians. _ ‘When What has been above denonnnated‘ ‘ re- ducing-wheels ” are used, theseare to consist ing cutter-wheels, which resemble in construction and action the planing and to be presently described. These are to be made adjustable like the circu- ler sews; butthe latter are preferred for this purpose. The plank may be reduced to a width on a se_'oe,ret«e machine. ‘When the plan}: or boerdsehenge illaeen th as §1'§par§d,(cn e sepemtemechlne, t ey may be p ace can or against a suitable carriage resting on 2.: frame or pletfo1‘rn,*~ so as to he acted upon by a re- cotl?gg; or §)l£:lll1lg em: reduclirg wheel, which eel may ee meme 0 revo ve e1t_1er hori‘zontell:/‘ -or verticaily?s may be preferred. The carriage which sustains the plan}; or board to be operated upon may be moved for- ward by §:1e_a.ns,.- other Ecol: and pin§o§,_bg an emless c.:la3.n or an .-,‘ y -geere ~;r1ct2on- rcllers,or by any of the devices well known to machizzists for advcncxng a carriage or mate: rials to be acted upon in machines for venous per;-oses._ The plank or board is to be moved on toward the cutting-czlges,of the cutters or 3 Under these forward and This appe- c_ to be -further ell understood by their AH" "WOOD Patent . f¢’_j , llof‘-?r7. Jul? S, .. A nit-‘es on the ylzzni nives or cutters nil cut plzml; or he V retry to tE18¢l("i!1 Wlllcll at nm. e t‘ The edges ofthe cut.ters are in preVe1Jted'f1*o112 coming‘ into comno its snrlece, and ore m::dc to out n the reduced pert oftlzeplan ’ face, by which me“ " ad from injulfy board or plank 1' V planed than Whelrmovedin the re tion. After th l>ozu'€_ or plzmlz _ planing‘-cvl uzlor, and soon or planing-cy.-mder has done its Wo-.=; '}_‘/a.rt '01’ the beam} or pl-alllc. the :1" brought into contzmt witlz two vrmol ter-Wheels, one of which is ml A jo ting of the groove, 2:ul the other to me on ting of the two rabbets that form the tong»-~ “When the axis of the planing -gznd reduc Wheel stands vert-ic22,lly, the g:'oo1ri1zg tonguing wheels are placed one hove other, with theplenl;_ c