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RE80000-00-00RE000008.pdf//////5%/y f7////717 JEMZ7/2, /§.7iz,}jfzzgi/ /X)? i./2”/ct,’//5 I I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, JOHN MACKAY, OF BOSTON, MASSACIIUSETJFS. IMPROVEMENT IN THE MODE OF FITTING THE HAMMER-HEADS OF PIANO-FORTES. Speciiicntion forming part of Letters Patent Be it known that I, JOHN l\IAOKAY, of the city of Boston, in the State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in the Mode of Fitting or Making the Hammer-Heads of Piano-Fortes; and Idoliereby declare that the following is a full and exact description there- of ‘ T 0 azz whom, it "Indy C0/b(}67'7L.' I hammer-head I 1nsert,1n an opening or groove ! or other metallic substance, after which I put 011 l the usual covering of leather or other elastic substance. In the accompanying drawing, co a repre- sent the wooden part of the hammer-head, and I) the piece of metal let into it immedi- , ately under the elastic covering 0. The ef- I feet of so weighting or loading the hammer- head is to cause it to produce by its blow upon the strings a much stronger, fuller, andlouder dated August 14, 182:‘; Reissue No. 8, (l:l,l’C(lA1)l'llQ3, 1839. tone than that produced by the common mode of making hammers. I am aware that the keys of hammers have been frequently loaded by the insertion of plugs or pieces of metal for the purpose of ac- celerating their fall in playing; but the object and effect of my invention is altogether dif- ferent, it being to effect the force and quality of the tone. \Vhat I claim as secure by Letters Patent, is—— The insertion of a piece of metal or the af- fixing the same in any equivalent manner to the upper end of the hammer-head, ‘substan- tially in the manner and for the purpose above set forth. my invention, and desire to ‘JOHN M.-\OI{AY. Witnesses: THOS. P. J onns, . LINTONTHORN. , \