Here is a small sample of the variations in names used when citing patents. The bad part is my inventor search is largely based on these names- variations and all. There is no guarantee that my database contains the correct spelling of the inventor you are searching for. I added an option to search for similar names to try to work around this problem.

Patent numberNames used to reference this patentcount
401,950Haussman Hausmann Haussmmann Haussmann Haussamm5
735,935Bellings Billings Billnigs Blllings4
D39,265Holtclaw Holtzclaw Holtzolan Holtzolaw4
809,531Schench Schenck Sohenck Sohenok4
918,391Taarad Taard Taarud Tearud4

The bolded ones match the spelling in the referenced patent.

You can do your own similar name search here.