Prints and Labels

Prints and Labels were early forms of copyrights. There is very little about them online which is surprising since
    a) seemingly everything is online and
    b) they’re not all that old (both last issued in 1940)

Beginning of an online prints and labels database

Withdrawn labels

  • 1903-08-18 10,274. ‘WITHDEAWN.
  • 1907-12-10 13.921. [WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1907-12-17 13,936. [WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1908-04-07 14,130.-WITHDRAWN
  • 1908-04-14 14.148. [WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1908-08-04 14,313.-{WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1910-04-05 16.130. [WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1911-01-31 15,494. [WITHDRAWN.]
  • 1925-02-10 28,206. [WITHDRAWN.]

I leaned about prints and labels on Mike White’s excellent US Trademark number guide. It turns out that their one page mention in this three page guide is one of the best sources I’ve been able to find for information on prints and labels. The guide also succinctly explains the trademark numbering peculiarities brought about by the Trademark Act of 1946. When my son was younger he liked the cartoon Ben 10 which has a Null Void- somewhere in dimensional space that you don’t want to wind up. One of the side effects of the 1946 Trademark Act was that it created a Null Void of registration numbers (for reasons too complex to explain in parenthesis, registration numbers 444,812 through 500,000 where never issued).

Mike literally wrote the book when it comes to Prints and Labels. Prints and labels : commercial copyrights registered by the U.S. Patent Office 1874-1901 I am desperately seeing a copy. Note that there needs to be a second volume to complete the last 39 years! Mike also has number guides for US patents and Canadian patents online.