Trademark Classifications

I was able to identify the classifications associated with about a third of the trademarks in my ocr database! Shown below are the classifications and the corresponding counts of trademarks for that class. Note that the classification definitions changed over time (two different definitions for these classes: 4, 8, 11, 16, 45, 47).

Trademark Classifications
7,8871Raw or partly prepared materials
2,3873Baggage, animal equipments, portfolios and pocket books
4,2484Abrasives and polishing materials
4,0524Abrasives, detergent, and polishing materials
50,1466Chemicals and chemical compositions
1,1388Smokers' articles, not including tobacco products
1,0949Explosives, firearms, equipments, and projectiles
1,34811Inks and inking materials
811Leather blacking and dressing
7,99312Construction materials
6,67213Hardware and plumbing and steam-fitting supplies
3,53814Metals, metal castings and forgings
5,28215Oils and greases
2,83216Protective and decorative coatings
1,15116Paints and painters' materials
3,37217Tobacco products
3,76418Medicines and pharmaceutical preparations
38720Linoleum and oiled cloths
12,65121Electrical apparatus, machines and supplies
9,45222Games, toys and sporting goods
18,29723Cutlery, machinery, and tools and parts thereof
1,42324Laundry appliances and machines
52025Locks and safes
7,86326Measuring and scientific appliances
1,88527Horological instruments
4,04528Jewelry and precious-metal ware
2,40529Brooms, brushes and dusters
63830Crockery, earthenware and porcelain
1,67531Filters and refrigerators
5,31132Furniture and upholstery
4,50834Heating, lighting and ventilating apparatus
4,60735Belting, hose, machinery, packing and nonmetallic tires
2,98336Musical instruments and supplies
11,65237Paper and stationery
13,44638Prints and publications
3,95540Fancy goods, furnishings and notions
24141Canes, parasols and umbrellas
18,19642Knitted, netted and textile fabrics, and substitutes therefore
2,22843Thread and yarn
5,74844Dental, medical and surgical appliances
2,07245Soft drinks and carbonated waters
97045Beverages, non-alcoholic
54,00846Foods and ingredients of foods
1,98148Malt beverages and liquors
3,98049Distilled alcoholic liquors
3,74350Merchandise not otherwise classified
1,70051Cosmetics and toilet preparations
1,21952Detergents and soaps
1163Measuring and scientific appliances
243101Advertising and business
216102Insurance and financial
194105Transportation and storage
210106Material treatment
181107Education and entertainment