Trademark registration number: 117,546
Not online at but on USM219 or right here! 117,546's Registration Certificate
Registration date: 1917-07-17 online gazette
Class 46 Foods and ingredients of foods
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BEST AVAILABLE COPY D STATES PATENT OFFICE. TRADE-HARK FOB. SELF-RISING WHEAT-FLOUB. 1 17546. 4 Registered July 17, 1917. Application Bled larch 10, 1917. Serial Ho. l02,033. _ STATEMENT- ~ To all whom it may concern: H Be it known that the Gonnosrinnrz R(lLl.ER Mints, 'fl corporation duly organized under t-he laws of the State of Mi$ouri. and lo- cated in and doing business in t-he citv of Gordonville, county of' Cape Girzirdeau. State of Missouri, has adopted* and 'used the trade-mark shown in the accompanying drawing. for self-rising wheat-flour, in Class No. 46, Foods and ingredients of foods. Q The trade-mark has been eontinuously used in the business of said corporation since about Jan. lst 1917. The trade-mark is allixed or applied to the goods or to the packages containing 'the same. hy placing thereon a printed label on which the mark is shown. or by imprinting the-nuu~k directly on said packages. G'0RDOHVlLld'i ROLLER lllll/S, By r. 11. niscnn. ® Secretary. , DECL.AIŁATIO1i'~ 4 State of _Missouri county of Cape Girar- deau ss. ‘ ` . F. H. R.\si:u|-:_ being duly sworn. dcposes and says that he is the serretalry of the cor- poration. the applicant nnmed in the fore- going statement: that he believes said vor- poration is the owner of the mark sought, to he registered: that he believes the fore- going state-nieut is true: ti.=\t no other per- son, firm, association or corporation. to ahe best of his knowledge and ‘.:f-iicf. has the right- to use said mark in th: ljuited States, either in the identical form or in any such 'near resemblance thereto as might be calcu- luted to deceive: that said m=\ used ‘by said 1-orporation<_ in romnu-rcc mnong the si-\'vr:\l Srutps of the [initcd Stat/es: that the desvription :md drawing presented truly, l'|.'[)I'l'Sl'llt the llmrk sougzlxt to be registered; and that the specimens show the mark as :lL'lll2lll_\‘ used upon the goods. ' F. H. R.\S(`HE. Sul1:<<~ril>erl and sworn lu before me. za no- tary pulnliv. this Q duy of March. 1917. fm.) ` H. W. B_\:mI~:RT, Notary Pub lic. Sepia of thi! trldrnark may be obtained for ive cents nah. by addressing the “Commissioner of Iatentn, ‘ . Wuhilnon. D. C."

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